Wishing You a Safe Shipping New Year!

Let’s celebrate ­some good news from 2022 to warm us up for a new year of Safe Shipper action! We resolve to do our best in 2023 to keep our Salish Sea a safe and healthy home for all.

April 2022: Fracked Gas-to-Methanol Company Abandons Refinery Proposal on the Columbia River
Victory is declared over the last proposal to build a massive fracked gas-to-methanol refinery in the Pacific Northwest. Northwest Innovation Works officially abandoned its plan to build a refinery near Clatskanie, Oregon, in the Columbia River estuary (an essential source of salmon for the Southern Resident killer whales).

September 2022: Phillips 66 Refinery in Ferndale Cancels Permit to Construct New Storage Tanks
Phillips 66 gave up on expanding its fossil fuel storage facilities when, thanks to the watchful eye and legal action of Friends of the San Juans, Whatcom County imposed restrictions that would ensure protections for the Southern Resident killer whales.

December 2022: Court Recommends Halting Alaska’s Unsustainable Harvest to Protect Wild Chinook and Southern Resident Killer Whales
Seattle’s federal Court issued a landmark opinion that recommends terminating unsustainable commercial salmon harvest until new environmental reviews occur. In a previous ruling, overfishing was found to illegally harm the recovery of both endangered Southern Resident killer whales and wild Chinook salmon across the Pacific Northwest.

Happy New Year, Safe Shippers! Rest up, re-charge and get ready for 2023!