Good news for Washingtonians!

Dear Safe Shippers,    Thanks to your letters and support, the Salish Sea and our orcas received some good news this month! Two major projects that could negatively impact the health of our region and its inhabitants were prevented from moving forward. The projects’ proponents are not giving up yet, but it is heartening to […]

Take Action to Demand Tough Oil Spill Response!

Dear Safe Shippers,Oil spills can happen in our Salish Sea!Thanks to Safe Shippers comments, the state legislature passed a bill to strengthen oil spill safety regulations. As a result, the Oil Spill Contingency Plan is being updated. We don’t think this drafted plan goes far enough to protect what we love, but we can still have a say. […]

Safe Shippers to Zurich: Say NO! to Trans Mountain Pipeline

Dear Safe Shippers, Our 5-year fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker project persists! From day one, we have joined our Salish Sea neighbors, on both sides of the border, to reject­ this destructive project for so many reasons – globally, for its contribution to climate devastation, and locally, for its inherent threats to our orca waters. Now we have another opportunity […]

Safe Shippers Take Orca Action – Deadline: Friday, August 2

Dear Safe Shippers,We have an opportunity to take direct action in support of Southern Resident orcas! Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery (Phillips 66) wants to construct a new 300,000 barrel crude oil storage tank and a new 80,000 barrel fuel oil storage tank, just a short orca swim across the Salish Sea from our islands. These new storage tanks would provide flexibility […]

Keep up the fight against Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline!

Dear Safe Shippers,You may have heard the disappointing news by now: earlier this week, Canada gave a second green light to their Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project. This project will increase tanker traffic in our island waters from approximately 1 per week to 1 per day. Since 2014, we have joined forces with entities and individuals on both sides of the border […]

Protect Orcas. Practice Democracy.

To Safe Shippers who vote in San Juan County:“Where can I sign the petition to put the Orca Protection Initiative on the ballot?” Thank you for asking! For those who wish to sign, the petition will be available outside the Friday Harbor Farmer’s Market near Sunshine Alley every Saturday from 9:30am until 1:00pm – from now until the deadline […]