Speak up for the orca! “NO NEW TERMINAL!”

We have another opportunity to say NO to the proposed Port of Vancouver Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) — less than 1 mile away from Washington State! Let’s do this for the newest orca baby, J59! • If approved, this behemoth container terminal would wreck the hard work we in Washington are doing to protect and recover our […]

Protect What You Love!

Safe Shippers love orcas and everything else about the Salish Sea, so we do what we can to protect the water that surrounds us. IMMEDIATE SAFE SHIPPING ACTION NEEDED! Let our state lawmakers know we support these bills to improve protection for the Salish Sea: HB 1117 Promoting salmon recovery through revisions to the state’s comprehensive […]

A Salish Sea Victory! Let’s Keep Going!

Safe Shipping Success! Our collective orca voices helped our neighbors in Whatcom County make a landmark decision that is a victory for all of us in the Salish Sea!  On Tuesday, July 27, Whatcom County Council voted to prohibit all new fossil fuel refineries and trans-shipment facilities (more vessel traffic) at Xwe’chi’eXen, Cherry Point. The new land-use […]

Voice Up for Cherry Point

Dear Safe Shippers,  Our collective fight to protect Xwe’chi’eXen, Cherry Point from a proposed coal export terminal ended successfully in May 2016 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers upheld the Lummi Nation’s treaty-protected fishing rights. The terminal was blocked, Cherry Point was saved, treaty rights were honored, and the orca got another chance. Since that time, […]

Millennium is No More!

Dear Safe Shippers, MORE GOOD NEWS FOR THE COLUMBIA RIVER! Following the good news that the proposed methanol refinery in Kalama WA is kaput…the proposed Millennium coal export terminal in Longview WA is never to be!We can proudly say that Safe Shippers’ letters and actions helped save the Columbia River and its salmon — for the […]

Kalama is Kaput!

Dear Safe Shippers,This news flash just in from our friends at Columbia Riverkeeper. We are so happy and proud that we could help save the Columbia and the salmon and the orcas!Victory Over Massive Fracked Gas Refinery!!!Amidst strong opposition and legal defeats, developers end pursuit of world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refineryJune 11, 2021 (Kalama, Wash.)—In a stunning […]

Orca Action Week to Stop TransMountain Pipeline

It’s Orca Action Month and next week is a one of taking action for our orca friends by stopping a pipeline and its tankers. In August 2019, we took the power we have to say “No!” to Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline. We wrote to their primary insurer, Zurich Insurance Group, and they heard us! Zurich dropped […]

It’s baaaaack! Stop Kalama (again)!

Like a monster, the proposed Kalama methanol refinery on the Columbia River refuses to die. Washington State recently denied a crucial permit to Kalama backers (the Chinese government), putting a stop to the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery — or so we thought. Now the monster is appealing the state’s decision (which may be heard this summer. We will be […]

“Orcas YES! Oil spills NO!”

Oil spills can happen. That’s why Washington State requires industries that can cause them to come up with an oil spill contingency plan. 23 of these plans are now up for review by our state’s Department of Ecology (Ecology). Not one adequately mitigates oil spill risk to the orcas. Not one of the contingency plans fully complies with state requirements. Not one follows Ecology’s […]

Safe Shippers – A new beginning! 2021

“The Washington Department of Ecology denied permits for the massive fracked gas-to-methanol refinery proposed in Kalama, WA. Ecology nixed the fossil fuel processing and export proposal after deciding it would have a significant negative impact on the climate, Washington’s shorelines, and the public interest.”Earthjustice, January 19, 2021 “The environment we live in cannot be disentangled from the rest of our lives, and it is more important […]