3 Actions for the Salish Sea – March 2017

Dear Safe Shippers, You are powerful! You made Salish Sea Stands Lobby Day a success! You showed up in Olympia, stood on the Capitol steps, and sat at the table with our representatives.   Three days after we made our impressive showing in Olympia, HB 1611 (the Oil Transportation Safety Bill we are supporting) passed […]

Salish Sea Stands – Jan-Feb 2017

Safe Shippers gather with fellow warriors to make a pod of hundreds as Salish Sea Stands against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion and for Safe Shipping and for the orcas. We rallied on our islands on January 16 and again on the Capitol steps in Olympia on February 13 to let our legislators know that we are serious about protecting […]


  Dear Islanders for Safe Shipping, It’s been a little over a year since our Safe Shippers website was last active — a year to rest and recharge our batteries. That’s a good thing, because we are going to need as much energy as we can muster! The fight to save our island waters, and the creatures therein, isn’t […]

“O Canada, these are Our Waters, too!”

AHOY, SAFE SHIPPERS! Just when you thought you had sent in your comments on every possible project proposal that would increase vessel traffic and accident and oil spill risk in our waters, along comes yet another. This one is just across the border. THE PROJECTThe Centerm Expansion Project in Vancouver BC would increase container ship traffic through Georgia Strait, Boundary Pass, Haro […]

Comments due on Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal DEIS – January 22, 2016

SAFE SHIPPERS NEVER GIVE UP! The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Tesoro Savage Petroleum Terminal in Vancouver, Washington is now ready for our comments. Safe Shippers submitted comment letters in December 2013 and August 2015 asking our State to consider islanders’ unique concerns — concerns about the impacts from this project on the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, and concerns about the impacts […]