Safe Shippers – Take Orca Action!

Dear Safe Shippers,As you know, our resident orcas haven’t been doing well. Fortunately, the recent news of two new births and possibly some more calves on the way, is welcome news for all – the orcas could use all the help they can get.Let’s help them!Since the threats to the Southern Residents (lack of food, polluted waters, and vessel/boat disturbance) are […]

No More Pollution? Say NO to the Kalama Refinery!

Dear Safe Shippers,Because of your persistent actions to oppose the fracked gas-to-methanol Kalama refinery on the Columbia River — which would be the largest in the world!!! — the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) required an additional environmental review of the project’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This Draft Second Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is completed and ready for […]

Make a pledge to the baby orcas

While we humans were enjoying the Labor Day holiday, J35 Tahlequah, had already had her own labor day – a new baby was born to her and J pod! Welcome, J57!The other good news is that there are two expectant mothers, one each in K and L pods. This is cautiously hopeful news for our fragile […]

Speak up for orca! Say “NO NEW ROBERTS BANK TERMINAL!”

A NEW CONTAINER SHIP TERMINAL, LESS THAN 1 MILE FROM WASHINGTON STATE? We are saying “NO!” for the orca! The proposed Port of Vancouver Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2), if approved, would wreck the hard work we in Washington are doing to protect and recover our endangered Southern Residents. • Container ship traffic through the Salish […]

Safe Shippers – Use Your Orca Voice!

  Dear Safe Shippers, Since “Safe” is our first name, we want to be sure that all of you Shippers have indeed been staying safe these days. While we have been consumed with protecting ourselves and our loved ones from threats to body and soul, the beautiful natural world keeps on nurturing us. Here is a chance for us to give […]

Good news for The Columbia River is good news for the orcas!

Thank you, Safe Shippers! Your letters and support have done it again — the Salish Sea and our orcas received some more good news! The proposed Kalama refinery on the Columbia River — what would be the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery — suffered another setback this week. After putting the project on hold last month, […]

Take Action! Use Your Orca Voice!

Dear Safe Shippers,  The orcas need us to speak for them.  See how you can do so by reading this Action Alert from Friends of the San Juans: Dear Safe Shippers, Did you know that 4 of Washington State’s 5 refineries are located in the federally endangered Southern Resident orcas habitat in the Salish Sea?  Marine terminal […]

Good news for Washingtonians!

Dear Safe Shippers,    Thanks to your letters and support, the Salish Sea and our orcas received some good news this month! Two major projects that could negatively impact the health of our region and its inhabitants were prevented from moving forward. The projects’ proponents are not giving up yet, but it is heartening to […]

Take Action to Demand Tough Oil Spill Response!

Dear Safe Shippers,Oil spills can happen in our Salish Sea!Thanks to Safe Shippers comments, the state legislature passed a bill to strengthen oil spill safety regulations. As a result, the Oil Spill Contingency Plan is being updated. We don’t think this drafted plan goes far enough to protect what we love, but we can still have a say. […]