Safe Shippers to Canada: “Don’t SpOIL Our Waters!” Comments due Nov 20, 2018.

  Since 2014, Safe Shippers have been sending comment letters to Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) in order to protect our shorelines and our Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) from the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project — the vessels from which would be carrying diluted bitumen (dilbit) Alberta Tar Sands right through critical orca habitat.Also since 2014, the Southern Resident orcas have lost […]

Orca Protectors Launches Website – Fly Your Pennant!

Dear Safe Shippers, For 6 years now, we have been writing our letters, gathering at rallies, showing up at hearings, and marching in parades — all in protection of our beloved Salish Sea. We have helped stop coal export terminals, oil refinery projects, and crude-by-rail facilities in their tracks. Also within that same time span, […]

Marathon Oil Anacortes – Oil Spill Response Plan – Comments due Nov 15, 2018

Dear Safe Shippers,Here’s an issue close to our home and hearts — prevention of, and protection from, oil spills in the Salish Sea.Washington State requires refineries to have a state-approved oil spill response plan that ensures their ability to respond to major oil spills, and the public (that’s us!) has an opportunity to comment.Our Anacortes neighbor — the refinery that used to be called […]

SRKW Task Force Comments Due October 29 – For the Orca!

Dear Safe Shippers and Orca Protectors, Governor Inslee’s Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and Task Force has issued round 2 of the draft recommendations for actions — winnowing 63 recommendations to 36. This is our chance to comment on every one — for the orca! The Southern Residents are well-represented by this hard working Task Force (many fellow islanders have a seat at the table), so […]

Orca Action Alert – Oct 25 & 29 Deadlines!

Here is an Orca Action Alert from our fellow Safe Shippers and Orca Protectors at Friends of the San Juans.   ************   Two opportunities to speak up for the protection and recovery of the Southern Resident Killer Whales: 1. Washington State Ferries Long Range Plan Commenting Opportunity The Washington State Ferries (WSF) draft 2040 long […]

Survey for the Orca – October 7 Deadline

The Southern Resident orca population needs our help. The Governor’s Orca Recovery Task Force needs our feedback. The task force and working groups for vessel noise, pollution, and food have made their recommendations in this Draft Report and want to hear from us by midnight this coming Sunday, October 7. Our responses are to be in the form of a […]

Message to San Juan County: Healthy Shorelines Feed the Orca

Dear Safe Shippers, Proudly, our San Juan County Council Members recently joined their Canadian counterparts, the Islands Trust Council, in calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to abandon the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project, once and for all. As Safe Shippers well know, if approved, this project would increase tanker traffic by 700% and could bring […]

Good News! Pipeline Approval Rejected!

Today was a good day for the orcas! Victory came for the Salish Sea and when the Salish Sea wins, everyone wins!   The Federal Court of Appeals of Canada rejected the government’s approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline!    The reasons for this decision:   1. The Canadian government failed to consider […]

First we mourn. Then we take action.

Dear Safe Shippers and Orca Protectors,   Our beloved and endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs) suffered another loss this week. The world heard the news of J35’s deceased calf and sent back words of alarm and sympathy to us here in the Salish Sea. We mourn together. Let’s take action together.   In 2005, […]

Safe Shippers Ask Governor Inslee to Stand Strong Against Kinder Morgan

 Kinder Morgan Canada announced that it’s suspending “all non-essential activities and related spending” on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, and won’t move forward with the project without “the ability to construct through British Columbia” and “adequate protection” of Kinder Morgan shareholders.* We want them to suspend this pipeline project for good! Let’s stand with our […]