Make a pledge to the baby orcas

While we humans were enjoying the Labor Day holiday, J35 Tahlequah, had already had her own labor day – a new baby was born to her and J pod! Welcome, J57!
The other good news is that there are two expectant mothers, one each in K and L pods. This is cautiously hopeful news for our fragile Southern Resident Orca families – due to so many environmental stressors, there is a 40 percent mortality rate for young orca calves. The stressors – lack of food, pollution, and noisy waters – are all human-caused, and it is only we humans who can do something about each of these: save salmon habitat; stop polluting our environment; and give the orcas peace and quiet. 
If you are already committed to helping the orcas (or ready to start), one thing you can do right now is to take a pledge to give them the social distance they need to raise healthy babies. This is always a good thing to do, but especially now when we have a glimmer of hope of a chance that our orcas can recover and thrive. 
Pledge for individuals:
Pledge for recreational boaters:
Pledge for commercial whale watch operators:

MORE INFOThe Islands’ Sounder: Commercial and recreational boaters asked to“Take The Pledge” to protect pregnant orcas
The Seattle Times: Orca Tahlequah is a mother again
The Guardian: Tahlequah the orca – famous for carrying her dead calf for 17 days – gives birth again

If you have any questions, you may contact the pledge organizers:

Lovel Pratt, Friends of the San Juans,
Kari Birdseye, NRDC,
Nora Nickum, Seattle Aquarium, (206) 693-6290
Donna Sandstrom, The Whale Trail, (206)-919-5397
Mindy Roberts, Washington Environmental Council, 206-485-0103

Thank you, Safe Shippers, for taking care of the orcas!