Good news for The Columbia River is good news for the orcas!

SJIFSS_Email_ProtectColumbiaThank you, Safe Shippers! Your letters and support have done it again — the Salish Sea and our orcas received some more good news! 

The proposed Kalama refinery on the Columbia River — what would be the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery — suffered another setback this week. After putting the project on hold last month, the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has now determined that an additional environmental review of the project is required, citing incomplete information on the projects’s greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of those emissions. 

Ecology will conduct a second Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). Once the draft is completed (about a year from now), the public will have an opportunity to comment. We are getting good at this!

In the meantime, let’s keep practicing our Safe Shippers and Orca Protectors voices. Please call or write the Department of Ecology Director, Maia Bellon. 

Thank her and her department for demanding accountability and protection of clean air and water that all humans and orcas need.
(360) 407-7009;

In addition, you may sign on to this petition with Columbia Riverkeeper:
Please add a personal statement about why you want to protect your own corner of the state.

Thank you, Safe Shippers! Our voices are making a difference! 
Columbia Riverkeeper: “Washington State Deals Setback to Massive Methanol Plant”
Department of Ecology: “Notice of Determination for Second Supplemental EIS”
Department of Ecology: “Additional environmental review required for Kalama methanol project”