The Columbia River needs our help! Stop the Kalama methanol refinery!

SJIFSS Email Kalama FEIS Sep2019
Dear Safe Shippers,
What happens on the Columbia River, happens to the Salish Sea. Almost 300 miles apart, we are connected by salmon and the orcas that migrate to feed on them. More than ever, the Columbia River needs our help. 

As Safe Shippers guard the Salish Sea, our 
Columbia Riverkeeper friends guard the river. They have sounded the alarm! Our voices are needed to help stop a proposed fracked-gas-to-methanol refinery in Kalama, Washington, on the shore of our salmon-producing Columbia River. 

Proposed by Northwest Innovation Works (a Chinese government-backed company), this would be the world’s largest of its kind. It would receive fracked gas from Canada via pipeline, refine it into methanol, and load it onto ships bound for China to be manufactured into plastics and/or used as fuel.

Despite our efforts, the just-released Final Environmental Impact Statement for the refinery falls far short of addressing the global warming impacts from this project. Now it’s up to our state’s Department of Ecology to stick to its mission and deny the upcoming permits that would take this refinery forward. This may be our last chance to insist that our state gets this right!

1. Write letters to the editors of local, regional papers.Use your voice to say why this project is the opposite way to go for salmon, orcas, and everyone who needs clean air and water. Headlines are misleading when they only report what the project backers say*. We need to correct them and tell them what wesay!

– The Olympian (Olympia):
– The Seattle Times:
– The Daily News (Longview):
– Journal of the San Juans:

2. Write or call Department of Ecology Director Maria Bellon.Ask her to deny the permits for this polluting project. She knows the environmental sacrifices are too great for our Evergreen State.

3. Sign on to the petition by Columbia Riverkeeper(adding your own personal story adds more power):
Click on “signing our petition” at the bottom of this page.

4. Write or call Governor Jay Inslee.He has publicly opposed this project. Thank our Climate Champion and remind him that Washington State has to hold the Thin Green Line.

Thank you, Safe Shippers! The river, orcas and salmon thank you!



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