Safe Shippers to Zurich: Say NO! to Trans Mountain Pipeline

Dear Safe Shippers,

Our 5-year fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker project persists!

From day one, we have joined our Salish Sea neighbors, on both sides of the border, to reject­ this destructive project for so many reasons – globally, for its contribution to climate devastation, and locally, for its inherent threats to our orca waters.

Now we have another opportunity to warrior up against this disaster of an idea.

The owners of this pipeline (formerly Kinder Morgan, but now the Canadian government and its taxpayers) must renew the policy with their primary liability insurer, Zurich Insurance Group, by August 31, 2019. 
Swiss-based Zurich announced in June that it will no longer underwrite companies that rely on profits from the most carbon intensive fossil fuels on the planet – including those companies that are dedicated transportation infrastructure operators for tar sands products, including pipelines. “Sustainability” is Zurich’s new mantra.

Let’s hold Zurich to their word! As Safe Shippers and protectors of the orcas and the Salish Sea, WE ASK ZURICH TO REJECT THIS POLLUTING PIPELINE!
Please write to the investor relations and sustainability groups at Zurich. Thank them for being leaders in sustainability; tell them why you care about the pipeline’s threat to Planet Earth and your own back yard; why leaving fossil fuels in the ground is the sustainable thing to do; and ask them to hold to their promise to “develop clear positions on sustainability issues and stand up for what is right” by saying No! to this pipeline.

BEFORE August 30, 2019, please e-mail to:

Thank you, Safe Shippers, for being undaunted defenders of the Salish Sea!



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