Millennium is No More!

Dear Safe Shippers,


Following the good news that the proposed methanol refinery in Kalama WA is kaput…
the proposed Millennium coal export terminal in Longview WA is never to be!
We can proudly say that Safe Shippers’ letters and actions helped save the Columbia River and its salmon — for the orca!

Thank you!



Your fight to protect the Columbia and our climate from dirty coal export is over!

U.S. Supreme Court dismisses last legal appeal for Washington state coal export proposal on the Columbia River.

Proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals project was last of seven Pacific Northwest coal terminals proposed since 2010.

June 28, 2021—Today the U.S. Supreme Court officially dismissed the coal industry’s last remaining legal appeal of Washington State’s 2017 decision to deny water quality permits for the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export terminal, signaling the official end of the project.  

Multiple courts at the state and federal levels have now held that Washington State was within its rights to protect citizens from elevated levels of air and water pollution that would have come with transporting coal through its communities.



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