Orca Action Week to Stop TransMountain Pipeline

It’s Orca Action Month and next week is a one of taking action for our orca friends by stopping a pipeline and its tankers.

In August 2019, we took the power we have to say “No!” to Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline. We wrote to their primary insurer, Zurich Insurance Group, and they heard us! Zurich dropped coverage of the proposed pipeline expansion.

Recently, Argo Group announced they would also drop coverage for this bad idea of a project.

Trans Mountain tried to keep their insurers secret, but we know who they are. Now, we have more insurance companies to convince! 

How? Our fellow orca friends at Friends of the San Juans have events and ideas:

Take Action to Support Southern Resident Killer Whales! Tell Insurance Companies: Stop Providing Coverage for Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline


The orcas thank you, Safe Shippers!

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