Safe Shippers Request a Safety Resolution for San Juan County


A growing number of communities in Washington State have been voicing their concerns over the increase of fossil fuel rail transport. When this volatile danger travels right past their front yards, waterfront parks, their places of business, and their children’s schools, people speak out — loudly. As a result, many local governments, boards, and first responders along the path of the oil trains have formally declared these concerns in the form of resolutions — addressed to our State and Federal entities. They are saying: “These trains shall not pass through our communities unless regulations are in place that ensure safe transport of crude oil by rail, enforce accountability, and protect our environment/economy”.

Islanders, it’s our turn to speak out — loudly. 

Bakken crude oil (more flammable than other types of crude) comes by rail to Washington State refineries. The tragic derailments, explosions and fires that have plagued other communities should never happen again, yet oil shipments by rail are increasing.

What does this mean to our islands community? 

A rail catastrophe on the mainland could impact the transportation corridors that we islanders depend on for so many essential goods and services. Some of the crude oil delivered to the refineries is loaded directly — without first being refined — onto ships that travel right past our front yards, our businesses, and our shorelines.

We deserve to have a say in this! 

Let’s add San Juan County’s name to those dozens of cities, counties and organizations on the mainland who are asking to be protected. Let’s speak up for the safety of our County’s people, for our unique island economy, and for our monumentally-beautiful environment.


Please attend the County Council meeting at 9:00am on Tuesday, July 7 to encourage our Council-members to submit a safety resolution on behalf of our own County (link to resolution here).

Whether you choose to speak up at citizens’ access time or not, your Safe Shipper presence will show our representatives that we are serious about this serious issue.

If you are unable to attend the hearing in person, please call or write to our Council-members before July 7 to ask that they sign and submit the resolution:


Rick Hughes (Orcas):;

Jamie Stephens (Lopez):

Bob Jarman (San Juan):


For more information:

Thank you for requesting “Safety First”, Safe Shippers!