SJIFSS Timeline 2016 Events

Safe Shippers 2016 – A Year in Review. (click on image for enlarged view)


Dear Islanders for Safe Shipping,

It’s been a little over a year since our Safe Shippers website was last active — a year to rest and recharge our batteries. That’s a good thing, because we are going to need as much energy as we can muster! The fight to save our island waters, and the creatures therein, isn’t getting any easier. Here’s a timeline of last year’s safe shipping events — some of them were joyous, such as a win for the Lummi (and everyone) with the denial of the proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal at Cherry Point. Some of last year’s news was not so good — the saddest of which was the loss of 7 members of our Southern Resident Killer Whale group. The 78 survivors are the reason we keep on fighting for the health of our Salish Sea!