Orcas on the Lawn in Friday Harbor – Celebrating Endangered Species Day – May 19, 2017

Southern Resident Killer Whales will be recognized in a display on the San Juan County Courthouse and Council Chamber lawns on Endangered Species Day, Friday, May 19, 2017. There will be 86 orca whale dorsal fins displayed representing the 78 living free members of the Southern Resident Killer Whale J, K and L pods, plus the 1 living in captivity (L-25, Tokitae aka “Lolita”), plus the 7 that died in 2016-17.

The population of our local orca whales is at a critical juncture. NOAA has declared Southern Resident Killer Whales one of only eight “Spotlight” species (out of 1,652 on the Endangered Species list). Spotlight species are considered most at risk of extinction unless immediate action is taken to stabilize and recover their populations



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