Inslee to Washington State: Come up with solutions to protect orcas and salmon

This good news just came in from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s office:

Recognizing the dire need to protect both these species, Gov. Jay Inslee signed an executive order today outlining a strategy for southern resident orca and Chinook recovery.

“The problems faced by orcas and salmon are human-caused, and we as Washingtonians have a duty to protect these species,” Inslee said. “The impacts of letting these two species disappear would be felt for generations.”

The order instructs state agencies to outline immediate steps and long-term solutions to recover these species. The order also assembles a task force to bring together state agencies, tribal leaders, local governments, federal partners and other stakeholders to make recommendations at the state, regional and federal levels. Given how far orcas migrate, the task force is also directed to coordinate its efforts with leaders in British Columbia, Oregon, California, Idaho and Alaska.