Orca Protectors Launches Website – Fly Your Pennant!


Dear Safe Shippers,

For 6 years now, we have been writing our letters, gathering at rallies, showing up at hearings, and marching in parades — all in protection of our beloved Salish Sea. We have helped stop coal export terminals, oil refinery projects, and crude-by-rail facilities in their tracks. Also within that same time span, we’ve seen our Southern Resident whale population dip from 84 to 74 members.
We have more work to do to keep shipping in our Salish Sea safe, and our orcas protected. But thanks to you all, we have accomplished much. You can be proud! 
And now, to show that pride and continue the good work, you can fly your own Orca Protectors boat or car pennant, sticker or magnet — all available on Orca Protectors new on-line sales website at www.orcaprotectors.com
All proceeds go to the “boots on the ground/boats in the water” folks — local organizations involved in research, education and policy-making regarding the protection of our endangered orca whales and their habitat.
Thanks for all you do, Safe Shippers and Orca Protectors! Let’s fly our flags together into battle — for the orca!!