Safe Shippers Support Safe Oil Transportation! Action deadline: Wednesday January 24, 2018!

Dear Safe Shippers,
This is what we have been asking for! Let’s show our support!
Washington State Senator Kevin Ranker (D-Orcas) has introduced a very important Safe Shipping bill:
SB 6269 “Strengthening Oil Transportation Safety
This Thursday morning, January 25, the Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee will hold a hearing on this bill.
SB 6269 is important to Safe Shippers, orcas and the Salish Sea!
SB 6269 would help secure stable funding for oil spill prevention and transportation safety by:
• strengthening protections to our marine environment from heavy oils that are particularly difficult to clean up, and addressing the increased threats from barge and tanker traffic carrying these heavy oils (think Kinder Morgan pipeline).
• ensuring all modes of moving oil are taxed fairly.
• establishing the Salish Sea Shared Waters Forum, which will coordinate with our Canadian partners in order to protect our economy and shared resources. 
This is what Safe Shipping looks like! 
This is our cause, Safe Shippers! Our lawmakers need to know that we are behind this bill!
Ways to show your support:
1. Write or call the Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee Chair by Wednesday night to say that you support this bill and that you speak for the orcas.
2. Write or call all of the Committee Members by Wednesday night.
3. Attend the hearing for SB 6269 this Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 10:00 am in Olympia (contact Katie Fleming for more information).
4. Say, “Thank you!” to Senator Ranker for sponsoring this bill.
Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee Members:
Chair: Reuven Carlyle, Chair (36th Legislative District) 360-786-7670 
Vice Chair: Guy Palumbo (1st) 360-786-7600
Doug Ericksen (42nd) 360-786-7682
Sharon Brown (8th) 360-786-7614 
Brad Hawkins (12th) 360-786-7622
Steve Hobbs (44th) 360-786-7686 
John McCoy (38th) 360-786-7674 
Kevin Ranker (40th) 360-786-7678
Tim Sheldon (35th) 360-786-7668
Lisa Wellman (41st) 360-786-7641

The Salish Sea and the orcas thank you!