Ask SJC to Protect Shorelines for Orcas

Since 2012 we have been taking action to protect our Salish Sea, the San Juan Islands, and all the creatures that depend on a healthy marine environment for their/our existence. Beginning 5+ years ago with our fight against — and subsequent vanquishing of — the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point, Safe Shippers have worked hard to say, “No!” to the threats that […]

Good News Headlines from 2017

DEAR SAFE SHIPPERS: It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past, be thankful for the good, and look forward to the even better.   Here’s something to be grateful for: Good News Headlines from 2017, and the folks who made it all happen. While writing your holiday thank you notes, you might want to […]

Safe Shippers Show Up & Speak Up In Skagit County – November 2, 2017

  In May 2017, Safe Shippers wrote comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Tesoro (now re-named Andeavor) Anacortes Refinery’s proposal to manufacture and export xylene to Asia.  Xylene (pronounced ZIE-leen) is a highly volatile, hazardous and toxic petrochemical which has never before been manufactured in our region and transported through our waters. […]

A Clean Columbia River – For the Orca!

Dear Safe Shippers,   Let’s continue with that awesome Orca Protectors Power we generated in the July 4th Parade by writing to our state’s Department of Ecology to ask them to deny the water quality permit for Millennium Bulk Terminals’ proposed coal export terminal on the Columbia River. They need to hear from us ASAP — […]

GOOD NEWS for the Salish Sea and Beyond!

Dear Safe Shippers,   This message is filled with GOOD NEWS we thought you would like to read!  Many of these success stories are ones that Safe Shippers can be especially proud to celebrate — because we spoke up and did our part to help keep our islands and our region a safe, healthy and […]

Safe Shippers Ask Our State to Say “NO!” to Kinder Morgan

Opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is growing! This pipeline expansion would triple Canada’s tar sands exports and increase crude oil tanker traffic and oil spill risk in our waters. British Columbia’s new NDP/Green Party government has vowed to use “every tool available” to oppose the pipeline and tanker traffic expansion. Let’s get […]

Safe Shippers Shout to Canada – Centerm Expansion Project

Safe Shippers! We are really good at speaking up for a Safe Salish Sea! This time, we have to speak up loudly enough for Canada to hear us.   THE CONCERN: There are 20 new and expanding terminal projects proposed for the Salish Sea. If they all happen, shipping traffic will increase by nearly 40%. […]